Residential Bonds Online service

It is compulsory for registered agents to use Residential Bonds Online (RBO). Landlords or proprietors who don’t use RBO can still manage bonds manually.

Provide the tenant's email address when you lodge a bond so the tenant can also use the online service. Bond refunds can be processed faster through RBO.

Parties to a bond can check whether it has been lodged or track the progress of a bond claim.

Agents and landlords/proprietors can:

  • lodge a bond - including a bond guarantee
  • check a bond status
  • manage bond information - ownership, management and tenant/resident changes
  • refund a bond.

Help with RBO

Information sheets to help you use RBO are available on the CBS website for:

  • landlords
  • tenants
  • agents.

Information sessions for agents

Agents can enrol in a free RBO information session.

Updating or adding a tenant's email address to RBO

If the tenant's email address was not provided when the bond was lodged notify CBS by completing the online form to update or add an email address to RBO.

Tenants using RBO

Provide your email address to the agent or landlord/proprietor at the start of your tenancy so that you can use RBO to:

  • check your bond status
  • request a bond refund, which can go straight into a bank account or be received as a cheque.

At the end of your tenancy, keep your Australian bank account open so that your bond refund can be paid into that account. You must lodge an International Money Transfer (136.3 KB PDF) form with CBS if the bond needs to be transferred into an overseas account, bank fees may apply.

Update or add your email address to RBO

If your email address was not provided to CBS when your bond was lodged, or if your email address has changed notify CBS by completing the online form to update or add your email address to RBO.

Once your email address is processed you will receive a confirmation email asking you to sign in to RBO.

Contact CBS Bonds

Online: Residential bond enquiries

Phone: 131 882

GPO Box 965
Adelaide SA 5001

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