Pets in private rental properties

Allowing tenants to keep pets in private rental properties is at the discretion of property owners.  For strata or community title properties, approval is usually also required from the strata or community corporation.

Around 60% of South Australian households own a dog or cat. If the landlord doesn’t accept pets in the property private renters might have to give up their pet. If the landlord is prepared to consider having a pet in a rental property the tenant could assure the landlord that they will look after the home and yard and negotiate a longer lease term. The landlord can inspect the condition of the property regularly.

Guides about renting with pets provide helpful information for tenants (774.8 KB PDF) and landlords and agents (463.0 KB PDF)

Pet applications and pet agreements

Creating a pet application and pet agreement can help record information about pets and how they may be kept. These information sheets have examples of an application or agreement with the information you could include.

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