Help to resolve disputes between tenants and landlords

If you're having a problem with your landlord, you should try to calmly talk the problem over with them first.

Getting advice and information

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) gives advice and information to landlords and tenants on:

  • contracts and lease agreements
  • your rights and responsibilities as a tenant
  • disruptive and noisy neighbours
  • bond, rent and other charges
  • options available to help you resolve a problem with a landlord.

Support or advocacy

RentRight SA is a free and independent state-wide service available to people in private rental, community housing or public housing. They provide:

  • information and advice on your rights and responsibilities as a tenant
  • support and negotiation with your landlord
  • advocacy at a South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) hearing or appeal.

You can find free and independent mediation services in your area through the SA community website.

Complaints about public or community housing

If you have problems or disagree with a decision made about public housing you can make a complaint to Housing SA or you could be able to appeal the decision. If you're unhappy with a decision made by Housing SA, your first step is to discuss it with the original decision maker.

For complaints or appeals about community housing tenants see resolving problems with community housing.

Appealing a decision

Public and community housing tenants have the option to lodge a formal appeal.  The first stage in an appeal is an internal review by the housing provider. If the matter can't be resolved, the appeal can be directed to SACAT.

For appeals about public housing see appealing a public housing decision.

South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

SACAT is an independent judicial body that has authority to make legally binding decisions in disputes between landlords and tenants. SACAT can help with private rental, public and community housing, residential parks, rooming houses and lifestyle villages.

Getting legal advice or aid

Get free legal advice or legal aid from the Legal Services Commission.

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