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Visitors, other occupants and overcrowding

Visitors in your home

A visitor is someone who does not stay longer than 12 weeks and has their own, separate residential address.

You don’t need to tell Housing SA about a visitor.

Other occupants

Another occupant is someone who lives with you. You need to get written approval from Housing SA before they move in.

Having another occupant move in may affect the amount of rent you pay.

If the person moving in is your child or your partner’s child aged 15 or under, you don’t need Housing SA’s written approval. Complete a Rent review form instead.

If the other occupant is going to provide care to you, you will need to provide proof of the caring arrangement.

Apply for approval of another occupant

  1. Complete the form Application for other occupants (88.1 KB DOCX).
  2. Provide proof of income and identity for all other occupants aged 16 or over.
  3. Attach any other documents required.
  4. Return all documents to Housing SA.

Under occupation and overcrowding

If your home is too big, contact Housing SA to discuss your options.

Your home is overcrowded if it does not meet the occupancy standards in public housing.

You may be able to register for a transfer or tenant exchange.

Contact Housing SA to discuss your options, and find out what help is available to reduce overcrowding.

Caravans and other vehicles can't be used as another room at your property for health and safety reasons.

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