Public housing tenants

Under and over occupation

If your home is too big

If your house is too big, contact Housing SA to discuss your options.

If you want someone to move into your household this may affect your rent.

If your home is too small

If your house is too small for your family, you can:

Caravans can't be used as another room on your property for health and safety reasons.

Assistance to reduce overcrowding

Who can apply

You may be eligible to apply for assistance if you meet all of these conditions:

  • your household is currently overcrowded - eg there are children of different genders over the age of five sharing a bedroom
  • a person who would use a sleep-out or relocatable building is 13 years of age or older and is living with you on a permanent basis
  • a portable sleep-out or relocatable building is required for a bedroom and won't be used for storage or as a playroom.

How to apply

1. Fill out the form

Complete an assistance with overcrowding application form:

2. Special requirements

If you have special requirements, include any letters from professional supports - eg medical professionals, support workers, that give details about your situation.

3. Lodgement

Return your completed application form and any support letters to Housing SA.

Housing SA will assess your application and will contact you to discuss your options.

Options to reduce overcrowding

If Housing SA has assessed that overcrowding exists they will investigate:

  • transferring you to a larger home
  • providing you with a portable sleep-out
  • providing you with a relocatable building
  • building an extension to your home.

A portable sleep-out is a small room placed in a backyard which can be connected to utility services and used as an extra bedroom.

A relocatable building is a self-contained structure that has two rooms - a bathroom and a toilet. It is placed in the backyard and can be connected to utility services.

There are waiting lists for portable sleep-outs and relocatable buildings, but if your needs are urgent your situation will be taken into consideration. To discuss your options contact Housing SA.

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