Transfers and relocations

Public housing relocations

To improve the quality of public housing and ensure it is better matched to the needs of tenants, around 4,500 South Australian Housing Trust (SAHT) properties within 10 kilometres of the city have been identified for renewal over the next five years. This renewal intends to:

  • focus housing growth in existing suburbs, close to transport and other services and facilities
  • improve access to affordable housing through purchase and rental
  • improve the appearance and facilities of streets and suburbs
  • create jobs for a range of companies in the building and construction industries, and support services.

Tenants may be requested to relocate by Renewal SA who are responsible for the renewal of properties identified as part of the renewing our streets and suburbs initiative. Depending on the condition of a property, renewal will range from renovations to complete redevelopment.

Housing SA may also require tenants living in properties located further than 10km from the city to relocate if their residence is identified as needing to be sold or demolished.

Tenants who are required to relocate to another residence will be supported to do so.

Relocating to another public housing property

Tenants required to relocate will receive a letter to let them know they need to move in future.

A relocations officer will contact these tenants to arrange an appointment to talk about the process and how they can help with the move. This will give tenants an opportunity to discuss their housing needs, what locations would be best for their household and raise any other questions or concerns. Tenant’s pets will be taken into account when assessing housing needs.

Relocation Officers will work with tenants to process the necessary paperwork and arrange a removalist. A relocation agreement will be signed before the move takes place.

Tenants may get help with:

  • removalist costs
  • utility connection fees eg gas and electricity
  • mail redirection
  • telephone reconnection fees.

Tenants are expected to arrange their own packing and unpacking. However, this cost will be covered for those tenants who are frail or have a disability and lack personal support.

Lease arrangements

Lease arrangements will only change for tenants initially housed on or after 1 October 2010. Where this is the case a tenancy review will be undertaken to work out the length of the fixed-term lease the tenant will be offered at their new property.

Conditions of Tenancy can be obtained upon request from a Relocation Officer.


Most tenants’ rent will not change when they relocate. Rent for public housing takes into account the size and nature of the property, and your capacity to pay. Tenants will be advised if there is any difference between their current rent and the rent for the property to which they are relocated. This will be covered in their Relocation Agreement.

Modifications and improvements

If a tenant’s home has been modified to support disability access or for medical reasons, equivalent modifications will be installed in the residence to which the tenant is relocated.

If a tenant has made Housing SA approved home improvements the Relocations Officer will discuss with the tenant whether any of these improvements can be included in their Relocation Agreement.

Improvements may not be included in a relocation agreement if they:

  • were not approved by Housing SA
  • are of poor quality
  • were not constructed/installed by a qualified professional
  • do not meet legal requirements.

Purchasing land or property

As a result of renewal, new allotments and homes will be available for sale. There will also be a range of renovated properties for sale. To review land and homes available for sale visit the Affordable Homes website.

Issues or concerns

If a tenant is unhappy with the relocation process they should talk to their Relocation Officer.

If unhappy with the service provided by a Relocation Officer, tenants can lodge a complaint with Housing SA or contact Renewal SA.

Free independent advice and support throughout the negotiation and relocation process are provided by the Tenants Information and Advocacy Service.

If still unsatisfied with the response, tenants can apply for a review of the decision. At the conclusion of that review, tenants are provided with a written statement explaining the outcome of the review and the reasons for the decision.

Tenants who disagree with the outcome of the review can appeal to the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Relocation Officers can provide details on how to access the tribunal.

For more information please call the Tenant Hotline on 1300 918 814.

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