Public housing relocations

Public housing tenants may be asked to relocate to another public housing property in any of these circumstances:

  • the property has been identified for renewal or redevelopment
  • the property needs to be sold or demolished
  • the property needs maintenance that can't be completed while someone is living there
  • a large property is being underutilised, for example the tenant lives alone in a four bedroom house.

Housing SA consults with the tenant about the relocation and takes their requirements and preferences into consideration to reach a mutually satisfactory outcome.

The relocation process

If you need to relocate, someone from Housing SA, for example a relocations officer or housing officer, will contact you to talk about:

  • why you need to relocate, the relocation process and how Housing SA can help
  • your housing needs and preferences, for example where you would like to live, what kind of property you would prefer
  • any issues that could impact on your ability to relocate, for example if a particular health service provides you with support
  • any other questions or concerns you may have.

Housing SA may be able to help with:

  • organising removalists
  • telephone and utility connection fees, for example gas and electricity
  • mail redirection fees
  • other reasonable costs associated with the relocation that you and Housing SA agree to.

You will be told about any changes between your current rent and the rent at the new property.

Lease agreements

If you currently have an ongoing lease agreement, you will be offered an ongoing lease agreement at the new property.

If you currently have a probationary or fixed term lease agreement it will be reviewed to determine what type of lease agreement you will be offered at the new property.

Modifications and improvements

If your current property has been modified because you or someone in your household has a disability, equivalent modifications will be made at the new property. A new assessment by an Occupational Therapist may be required.

If you made improvements or alterations at your current property, they may be relocated or renewed at the new property if all the below conditions are met:

  • Housing SA approved them
  • they are in good working condition
  • it’s physically possible to do so.

Complaints and appeals

You can get free independent advice and support throughout the relocation process from the Tenants’ Information and Advocacy Service.

If you are unhappy with the relocation or the process, talk to the Housing SA officer organising the relocation. If the issue isn’t resolved, you may be able to appeal the decision.

If you are unhappy with the Housing SA officer's service, you can make a formal complaint with Housing SA.

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