Apply to run a business from public housing

A home business includes any work that takes place in your property, including any online business that someone in your household receives income from.

You must get written approval from Housing SA to run a business from home before starting the business.

How to apply

1. Complete the form

Complete an:

2. Return the form

Return the completed form to Housing SA.

Housing SA will contact you about the outcome of your application.

Housing SA usually approves applications if:

  • the business won’t disturb the comfort, privacy or peace of your neighbours
  • the business will comply with all relevant legislation and regulations, for example, local council requirements
  • you take out appropriate insurance
  • you get all relevant licences or registrations required by law.

Complaints about your business

If Housing SA receives complaints about noise or nuisance behaviour at your home because of your business Housing SA may:

  • ask you to modify how your business is run, for example, change your start time to a later hour
  • tell you to stop running your business from home.

You may be asked to do this even if you have complied with all of the appropriate legislation and other conditions.

How your business may affect your rent

You must provide proof of your household’s income when Housing SA asks for it.

Declare all of your household income when asked to do so by Housing SA. This includes any income made from self-employment.

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