Water charges in public housing

Water charges

SA Water sets the water prices and reads water meters.

If you have a separate meter, you pay for the amount of water you use.

If you have a shared water meter, Housing SA pays the first 30% of the total water bill and the rest is divided equally among the properties that share the meter.

Housing SA will send you a water bill.

Water  concessions

You may be eligible for a  water concession from Concessions SA.

If you or someone in your household has special circumstances that directly results in high water use you may be eligible for a water allowance from Housing SA.

    How to apply

    Use your Housing Connect account to apply for a water allowance.

    You'll need to provide evidence of your special requirements, for example a letter from a health professional.

    Don't have a Housing Connect account? Set up an account.

    Dispute a water charge

    If you think your water bill is too high check to see if there is a leak.

    If you are on a shared water meter contact Housing SA Maintenance and ask them to check for you.

    If you are on a separate water meter:

    1. Take a reading from your water meter last thing at night
    2. Make sure no one uses water overnight, like flushing the toilet
    3. Take another reading from your water meter first thing the next morning
    4. If there's a difference between the two readings there may be a leak
    5. Report the leak to Housing SA.

    If there's no leak but you still believe your water bill is incorrect, contact Housing SA to dispute the charge.

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