Maintenance charges in public housing

All damage to your home must be reported to Housing SA maintenance regardless of whether it was caused by:

  • someone in your household
  • someone else
  • natural disaster
  • accident.

Who pays for repairs

Repairing damage to your home caused by fair wear and tear - eg leaking taps, cracked tiles, rusted flyscreens, worn floor coverings, faulty power points or light switches, won't be charged to you. Fair wear and tear are usually caused by the age of the property and its reasonable use.

You will be charged for repairs that are:

  • an accident such as a broken window
  • caused by negligence like not keeping the property clean and in good condition
  • intentional damage caused by you, a household member or a visitor.

Some examples of these charges include:

  • damage to floors and coverings like cigarette burns, scuff marks and scratches
  • damage to kitchen benches such as scorch marks
  • marks and stains on walls
  • holes or damage created by putting in or removing nails, plugs or screws
  • oil or grease stains in driveways or footpaths
  • tears and rips in fly screens.

How to organise maintenance

Maintenance can be organised by contacting Housing SA maintenance:

Emergency repairs such as gas leaks can be reported to 131 288 at any time.

When damage is caused by someone else

If the damage was caused illegally by someone else, for instance, your bin was stolen, a window was broken:

  1. Report it to the police and request a police report number.
  2. Provide the police report number to Housing SA maintenance when you report the damage.

If someone in your household or a visitor causes damage to the property you are responsible for the cost to repair it.

Disputing a maintenance charge

Phone Housing SA on 131 299 to dispute a maintenance charge.

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