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Dispute a water charge - public housing

If you think your water bill is too high, check to see if there's a leak.

If there's no leak and you still believe your water bill is incorrect, contact Housing SA and tell them you want to dispute the charge.

Request repairs to public housing if there's a leak or other maintenance is needed at your home.

How to check for a water leak

Separate meter

If your property has its own meter:

  1. Take a reading from the water meter last thing at night.
  2. Make sure no water is used overnight - eg no-one flushes the toilet.
  3. Take a second reading from the water meter first thing the next morning.
  4. If the water meter reading has changed there may be a leak.
  5. Report the suspected leak to Housing SA.

Shared meter

If your property has a shared meter contact Housing SA Maintenance to organise an investigation.

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