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Preparing for regular Housing SA home visits

Home visits are regularly scheduled for everyone renting public housing.

These visits are to:

  • talk to you about your tenancy
  • make sure you are meeting all the conditions of your lease agreement
  • identify and respond to any support needs you or your household may have.

Before the home visit you should:

  • make sure the house and yard are reasonably clean and free from health or fire hazards
  • make a list of anything you would like to talk about.

If you need an interpreter for your home visit you can ask Housing SA to organise this for you. This is a free service.

You may be asked to show proof of your identity if the housing officer hasn't met you before. You can also ask the housing officer to provide proof of their identity.

You can choose to have someone else with you for your home visit - eg relative, friend or support worker.

Home visits are not for responding to maintenance issues. If you have maintenance that needs to be carried out contact Housing SA maintenance on 131 288 as soon as you are aware of it.

If you can't attend

Housing SA will send you a letter telling you about a home visit. It's a condition of your lease agreement that you give the housing officer access to the property for a home visit.

If you can't attend the scheduled appointment you can:

  • contact Housing SA as soon as possible to reschedule
  • nominate a representative to attend on your behalf.

To nominate a representative complete a permission form.

Your representative will need to give this form to the housing officer at the start of the home visit and show the housing officer proof of identity, such as their driver's licence.

The form gives Housing SA permission to discuss your tenancy with a third party. This permission is valid only for the duration of the home visit and is not ongoing consent.

If you want Housing SA to be able to discuss your account with a third party on an ongoing basis you can organise to give them permission to release information to a third party.

What happens during a home visit

The housing officer will:

  • inspect all the rooms in your property and the yard to make sure you are keeping them in a good condition
  • confirm the details of everyone living with you - eg name, date of birth
  • check your smoke alarm and give you fire safety advice as needed
  • talk to you about your tenancy and the conditions of your lease agreement
  • check if you or anyone in your household is vulnerable, or at risk and needs support
  • talk to you about any services that you may find helpful - eg community groups, financial counselling
  • talk to you about any concerns you or Housing SA may have - eg rent charges, debt, disruptive neighbours.

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