Preparing for regular Housing SA home visits

Housing SA regularly visits tenants at home to:

Prepare for a home visit

Housing SA will send you a letter telling you when they will be visiting you at home.

You can also see when your home visit is scheduled using your Housing Connect account.

Before the home visit:

  • make sure the house and yard are reasonably clean and free from health hazards
  • make a list of anything you would like to talk about.

Report any maintenance problems to Housing SA.

You can choose to have someone else with you for your home visit such as a family member, friend or support worker.

Contact Housing SA if you need an interpreter to come to your home visit. This is a free service.

What to do if you can't attend

If you can’t attend a home visit you can reschedule the visit using your Housing Connect account or by contacting Housing SA as soon as possible before the visit.

If you want someone else to attend and represent you at the home visit complete a Consent for another person to attend a
home visit on your behalf form.

Return the form to Housing SA before the home visit appointment. Your representative will need to show the Housing Officer proof of their identity.

What happens during a home visit

A Housing Officer will come to your home. You may ask to see their proof of identity. They may ask you to show proof of your identity.

The housing officer will:

  • inspect all the rooms
  • inspect all yards, gardens and sheds
  • confirm the details of everyone who lives in the property
  • check your smoke alarm works
  • check to see if you or someone in your household is vulnerable or at risk
  • talk to you about meeting the conditions of your lease agreement
  • talk to you about any issues or concerns Housing SA may have, for example, complaints about antisocial behaviour
  • talk to you about any questions you have
  • talk to you about any support services you might find helpful.

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