Pets in Housing SA properties

Pets in Housing SA properties

Pets are welcome in Housing SA properties as long as the housing is suitable for the type of pet, for instance keeping a dog or cat where the property has a separate enclosed yard, a caged bird or fish if there is no yard space.

You need to check with the local council to see what specific restrictions they have around keeping pets. If you live in a strata or community title group, the group can have specific rules about whether pets are allowed.

Under your conditions of tenancy you need to make sure your pet:

  • isn’t disrupting the neighbours with excessive barking
  • isn’t being a nuisance or annoyance to neighbours
  • isn’t causing danger to any other person by wandering unsupervised
  • is restrained on a lead when any person authorised by Housing SA is on the premises.

Also make sure your property and yard are kept clean, tidy and free of animal waste.

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