Leaving your public housing home temporarily

If you're going to be away from home, tell Housing SA as soon as possible.

You should tell Housing SA:

  • how long you'll be away for
  • the date you plan to leave and the date you plan to return
  • your contact details while you're away
  • the name and contact details of someone you trust, like a family member, who can be contacted if there is an emergency.

Housing SA tenants can be away from home for up to three months with Housing SA’s approval. If you're going to be away longer, you may need to end your tenancy.

While you're away, you're responsible for meeting all the conditions of your lease agreement, including paying rent and telling Housing SA if there's a change in your household or household income.

Organising a caretaker

If you are going to be away for up to three months, you may be eligible to organise a caretaker you can trust to look after your home until you return.

You must get approval from Housing SA before a caretaker can move in.

If your caretaker is approved, rent continues to be based on your household income.

The caretaker:

  • can stay in the property until you return
  • won't be able to take over the tenancy at any time
  • can't let other people move in without Housing SA's written approval
  • must leave the property immediately at Housing SA's request.


You must meet all the conditions below to be eligible to apply for a caretaker:

  • you don't have an unarranged debt to Housing SA
  • Housing SA isn't taking any action to end your tenancy
  • you tell Housing SA how to contact you while you're away
  • you'll be back at the property before your lease agreement ends.

The person you want to act as caretaker must meet the following conditions:

  • they don't have an unarranged debt to Housing SA
  • they aren't excluded from Housing SA's services because of antisocial  behaviour
  • it won't breach the conditions of an intervention order if they live in the property
  • they provide proof of their identity to Housing SA.

Apply for approval

You will need to apply to Housing SA for approval before you leave or allow your caretaker to move in.

To apply for approval:

  1. complete and sign a
  2. provide a copy of the caretaker's proof of identity
  3. return these to Housing SA.

If you want your caretaker to be able to discuss aspects of your tenancy with Housing SA, complete and return a permission to release information to a third party form to Housing SA.

If you're away longer than expected or won't return

Contact Housing SA as soon as possible if you're going to be away longer than originally planned. 

If you're not going to return to the property, end your tenancy with Housing SA.

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