Changes to your household

Public housing tenants must get written approval from Housing SA before another person can move in with them.

When you don't need approval

Having another occupant may affect the amount of rent payable.

How to apply for approval

1. Complete the form

Fill out a Rent review form.

2. Supporting documents

Provide proof of income and identity for the new occupant if they are aged 16 and over.

Provide proof of income for everyone else living in the property.

Attach any other documents needed, for example if the other occupant is going to provide care for you, you'll need proof of the caring arrangement.

3. Lodge the form and documents

Return the completed form and all other documents to Housing SA.

When another occupant won't be approved

Housing SA won’t give approval for another person to move into your home in any of these situations:

  • there isn't enough room and the property would become overcrowded
  • it would contravene an intervention order
  • they own or partly own residential property
  • they've been excluded from Housing SA's services due to antisocial behaviour
  • they are a Housing SA tenant at another address.

Under-occupation and overcrowding

If your house is too big for you contact Housing SA to discuss your options.

Your home is overcrowded if it doesn’t meet the occupancy standards for public housing.

You may be able to register for a public housing transfer or mutual exchange.

Contact Housing SA to discuss your options and find out what help is available to you.

Caravans and other vehicles can’t be used as another room at your property for health and safety reasons.

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