Proof of income, identity and rent

You may be asked to provide proof of your income, identity or rent when you apply for services from Housing SA or a community housing provider.

Proof of income must be less than two weeks old, except if you're self-employed and providing a tax return as proof of your income.

You may be asked to provide additional proof of your identity if there's some doubt.

Housing SA or the community housing provider may contact the property owner or agent to verify information about the tenancy, including the start date, end date and rent payable.

Proof of income

Income from Centrelink or other government agencies

If you receive a pension, allowance or other payment from the government, provide one of the following:

  • an income statement from the agency or department showing your pension or allowance payments
  • a statement from WorkCover SA confirming your current income maintenance payments.

Remove tax file numbers from all documents you provide to Housing SA.

Centrelink Income Confirmation Service

If you receive an income from Centrelink, you can choose to have your income details provided electronically from Centrelink to your housing provider such as Housing SA through the Income Confirmation Service (ICS). This is a free and voluntary service.

If you consent to ICS, you don’t need to provide any proof of other income as long as all forms of income you receive are shown on your Centrelink statement.

If you get another form of income that isn’t shown on your Centrelink statement, you will still need to provide proof of that income.

Complete an ICS consent form and return it to your housing provider if you are either:

  • registering your interest in public or community housing
  • a tenant renting public or community housing.

This service remains in place until you cancel it. You can cancel it at any time by completing a Withdrawal of ICS consent form and returning it to your housing provider.

If you're applying for help paying bond and rent, you can either:

  • give your consent when applying online through PR Connect
  • complete a Private rental ICS form and return it to Housing SA.

This service remains in place for up to 14 weeks while your application for bond and rent is active.

Receiving a wage

If you're employed, provide one of the following documents:

  • a payslip for the latest pay period showing your total wage before tax, any regular overtime and year-to-date salary
  • an employer's declaration form (74.7 KB DOCX) completed and signed by your employer
  • a letter from your employer showing your total wage before tax, any regular overtime and year-to-date salary.


Provide a copy of your most recent tax return showing your total business income before tax minus expenses. Remove tax file numbers from all documents.

If you have a new business and haven’t lodged your first tax return, provide one of the following documents:

  • a statutory declaration (11.2 KB PDF) estimating your annual net business income
  • a letter from a certified practising accountant or registered tax consultant showing your personal total weekly or annual income before tax.

Interest payments

Provide a statement or letter from your financial institution showing the interest amount and the period covered, or the balance of the account and the interest rate payable.

Parental support

If your parents give you with financial support, provide a statutory declaration (11.2 KB PDF) from them showing:

  • the weekly or monthly amount they provide you with
  • the value of any other forms of support such as paying half your rent.

Proof of identity

When applying for help paying bond or rent

If you're applying for help paying bond or rent, you need to provide 100 points of identity.

For any other Housing SA service

Your proof of identity must be valid.

You can provide either:

  • one form of photographic identity
  • two forms of written identity.

Photographic identity

Acceptable forms of photographic identity:

  • driver’s license or learner's permit
  • proof of age card
  • passport
  • student or employment identity card.

Written identity

Acceptable forms of written identity:

  • birth certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • divorce papers
  • Medicare card
  • Centrelink concession or health card
  • state government concessions card
  • a current passbook, access, credit or debit card from your financial institution
  • a letter confirming your identity from your employer, a Department for Child Protection worker, a medical or legal practitioner, or a minister of religion
  • apprenticeship papers or tradesperson's certificate
  • prison discharge certificate
  • life insurance policies
  • any other form of identification that shows your name, address and signature.

Proof of rent

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