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Income and asset eligibility limits

You'll need to meet income and asset limits to be eligible for:

If you're registering your interest in community housing there are some income payment exclusions listed in eligibility procedure (598.2 KB PDF).

If you're applying for help paying bond and rent, you'll need to meet both the income limits and the cash asset limits.

Income limits

Income limits are rounded to the nearest dollar. Annual income limits are based on the actual weekly income before rounded up.

Household typeMaximum weekly income before taxMaximum annual income before tax
Single person$978$50,852
Single person with one child$1,279$66,499
Single person with two children$1,429$74,322
Single person with three children$1,580$82,146
Single person with four or more children$1,805$93,881
Couple with one child$1,429$74,322
Couple with two children$1,580$82,146
Couple with three children$1,805$93,881
Couple with four or more children$2,031$105,616

Independent income

An independent income is a regular income paid directly to you and is the minimum amount of income you can have to be considered for:

  • public or Aboriginal housing
  • help paying bond or rent.

It can include, but isn't limited to:

  • payments from Centrelink or similar, for example Veterans' Affairs
  • a wage or salary for full time, part-time, or casual work
  • investment income
  • interest paid directly to you.

Your income must be at least equal to Centrelink's maximum youth allowance payment for a single person not living at their parent's home.

Asset limits for public and community housing

Household typeMaximum asset value
Households headed by a single person$465,500
Households headed by a couple$594,500

Assets can include:

  • cash lodged with a financial institution
  • real estate such as vacant land
  • shares, bonds and investments
  • household and personal effects
  • cars, boats and motorhomes
  • any debts currently owed to you
  • overseas assets converted to Australian dollars.

Cash asset limits for help paying bond or rent

Household typeMaximum cash asset value
Households headed by a single person$5,000
Households headed by a couple


Cash assets are any money or funds readily available to you. It can include:

  • cash in the bank
  • term deposit
  • shares
  • savings.

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