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Verifying special circumstances

A housing provider may ask a customer to verify special circumstances and provide detail about how it impacts their ability to maintain accommodation such as renting privately. This could include:

  • asking for their permission to talk to their supports directly
  • getting written verification of the situation.

Who can verify special circumstances

People who can verify special circumstances include:

  • social workers
  • community, disability or health workers
  • health professionals or specialists
  • police officers and victim support services
  • religious or community leaders
  • other support workers.

Support or agency workers can complete a public housing needs report form (200.5 KB PDF) or a community housing needs report form (94.6 KB DOCX) instead of writing a letter.

Housing providers may:

  • contact the person
  • ask for written verification
  • contact the person verifying the customer’s special circumstance directly
  • ask the customer to attend an appointment to discuss their situation in more detail.

Information to include

You need to include:

  • your name, contact details and organisation
  • the customer’s full name, address and date of birth
  • who you provide support to, and what form of support you provide
  • how long you’ve been working with the customer
  • the names, dates of birth and relationship to the customer of other people in the customer's household.

Provide detail about the customer’s situation, including:

  • how it impacts on their ability to secure and maintain housing, including renting privately
  • how the situation may change in the future
  • their current and previous housing history, such as if they have a history of being homeless and where they’re living now
  • if the customer needs ongoing support, including if they need support to maintain accommodation
  • which services currently provide support to the customer
  • why public or community housing is the customer’s only accommodation option
  • any specific property requirements, such as no stairs, bath, specific location close to essential supports
  • other relevant financial, social or cultural circumstances that impact the customer.

Information from support workers

If you’re a support or agency worker, also include:

  • how long you’ll be providing support to the customer
  • arrangements you’ve made for additional or ongoing support to the customer, like if you’ve referred to other agencies.

Information from health professionals

If you’re a health or medical professional, also provide:

  • the customer’s condition, and how their condition directly impacts on their ability to secure and maintain alternative forms of accommodation
  • the customer’s treatment plan and long-term prognosis
  • how their condition may change in the future.

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