Fire safety for brush fences

A brush fence is a gate or fence that is primarily constructed of material such as broom brush.

Brush fences that are close to dwellings are fire hazards and can risk the safety of people living or working there.

Fire safety

These safety requirements are for dwellings located within 3 metres of a brush fence to help prevent the spread of a brush fire to a home:

  • A new dwelling - or an addition - must be constructed using appropriate fire resistance measures.
  • New and rebuilt fences cannot be erected unless the dwelling has appropriate fire resistance measures.

Read the fire resistance measures for buildings in the Building Code of Australia.

Brush fences could require development approval. Contact your local council for development advice.

Existing brush fences

The above safety requirements don’t affect existing brush fences or dwellings if no changes are being made to the fence or dwelling.

Brush fences can be repaired but not replaced with another brush fence unless the fire resistance measures of the building are appropriate.

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