Heritage listed properties

South Australian places and objects of heritage are protected by law and are recorded in the South Australian Heritage Register.

Heritage reports

Contact Heritage South Australia to view heritage reports, which include:

  • register file number
  • name of the place, area or object
  • address
  • local government area

Nominate a heritage place or item

Anyone can suggest that a place or object be added to the state register. A temporary registration applies until nominations can be considered by the SA Heritage Council. These are called provisional entries. Decisions are made following:

  • assessment against the heritage criteria
  • feedback from public consultation
  • any heritage surveys.

Nominate a place or item

Developing a heritage site

Heritage sites can be developed or altered under certain circumstances.

Read the policy for developing state or local heritage places in the Planning and Design Code.

Development applications are referred to the minister if they:

  • directly affect a state heritage place or area
  • affect the context of the place or area, including adjacent or nearby sites.

Local places and objects are also listed in the Planning and Design Code

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