Disability modifications in community housing

If you are living in a community housing property and you need modifications to live independently, you may be eligible to have them installed through your community housing provider. Sometimes you may be offered another more suitable property rather than having a modification installed in your current home.

Modifications include:

  • ramps
  • grab rails
  • lowering benchtops
  • lever taps
  • removal of a bath.


To be eligible you must meet all of these criteria:

  • the condition or disability is long-term or permanent and impacts on your housing needs
  • the person needing the modifications won't be moving out of the property in the foreseeable future
  • verification of the need for modifications and its impact can be provided by a health or disability worker.

If you have received a compensation payout which has provided money specifically for modifications you may have to contribute to the cost.

If your compensation payout provided for the maintenance of modifications, the cost of their ongoing maintenance and upkeep may be your responsibility and not of your housing provider.

How to apply

Fill out the form

Fill out a disability modification verification and request form (267.7 KB PDF) and return it to your community housing provider.

Verification from your doctor or disability worker

If the modifications cost $1000 or more, verification from a disability or health worker may be requested, they may also be asked to provide specifications of the modifications required.

Other help to stay independent at home

Many organisations and community groups offer different types of assistance to help people stay independent at home.

Things they can help with include:

  • personal care and hygiene
  • grocery shopping and meals
  • medical assistance and support
  • transport for appointments
  • social gatherings and functions.

Find services in your area through the SA Community website.

Your local council may be able to give you contact details for community groups in your area who could help.

Related information

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Disability modifications policy (242.6 KB PDF)

For an alternative version of a document on this page contact SA Housing Authority.

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