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Housing in remote Aboriginal communities

Housing is provided in some remote Aboriginal communities. These properties are only available to people who have cultural or family ties to that community.

Most houses in Aboriginal communities are managed by Housing SA, others are managed by the local community.

Existing houses in communities are being brought to a safe and habitable standard and in some locations new houses have been built.

Moving back to your community

If you need to move back to a community where you have cultural or family ties, contact the local Housing SA office.

Your application for a house will be assessed by Housing SA and the local Aboriginal community to ensure that you are eligible for housing.

You will receive a letter telling you if your application has been accepted or not.

If your application is approved, you will be notified when a suitable house is available. Bring any forms or documents with you that Housing SA asked for, so your rent for the new house can be calculated and a tenancy agreement signed.

Living in a Housing SA house in your community

The rent for your Housing SA house must be paid regularly. If you have maintenance problems at the new house you can contact Housing SA to have these repaired. If you want to move to a different house you should talk to someone in your local Housing SA office. You will need to explain why you need to move - for example, your current house is too small.

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