Homelessness service provider directory

Adolescent Community Care Options

Target group

Young people aged 16 to 20 who:

  • are currently or at risk of becoming homeless and are under the Guardianship or Custody of the Minister or on a Juvenile Justice Order
  • are at a high risk of homelessness but are not under the Guardianship or Custody of the Minister
  • have been identified by Department for Child Protection, a homelessness service provider or other care provider agencies
  • are either unsuitable for foster care or are living in a variety of accommodation options - eg youth accommodation motels
  • are a homelessness service provider client or may live elsewhere
  • needs individualised service response to meet specific case plan goals
  • are unable to access mainstream services because they do not meet the specific needs of the individual

Service description

  • assistance to young people around enhancing their options for sustainable housing

Service provider details

Department for Child Protection


8226 6037


8226 6316



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