Land agent involvement with affordable housing

HomeSeeker SA is a South Australian Government initiative to increase affordable opportunities for people wanting to buy their own home and provides information for potential home buyers and renters.

If you are the agent for the sale of a property through HomeSeeker SA you must:

  • sight a copy of the buyer's 'in principle' finance approval
  • provide a Declaration of Eligibility form to customers if they are first in line and the property is within the 30 to 90-day exclusive period (forms available from HomeSeeker SA administration)
  • record the date and time of the 'first opportunity to purchase'
  • advise the buyer they have five working days to complete the Declaration of Eligibility and return it to you
  • return a digital copy of the declaration to the HomeSeeker SA team at

Buyers may be eligible if they:

  • are 18 years of age or older
  • don't currently own a property
  • plan to live in the home
  • are a South Australian resident
  • earn less than the current income limits
  • have assets within the allowed limits
  • are first in line for the property.

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