Seniors Card discount directory - Your Lifestyle Guide

The Seniors Card Discount Directory Your Lifestyle Guide lists businesses that offer discounts to South Australian Seniors Card members. The directory is produced by the South Australian government and updated annually, it's available to all Seniors Card members, and here's how to get your copy.

Where to get a copy


Your Lifestyle Guide is available to browse and search online.

View the guide

Hard copy

You can pick up your copy of Your Lifestyle Guide from over 400 locations around metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia.

Catalyst Foundation / Seniors Information Service
149 Currie Street, Adelaide
Phone: 8168 8776

16 Hutt Street, Adelaide
Phone: 8232 0422
Country callers: 1800 182 324

Your local Member of Parliament
Find your local MP’s office

Your local community centre
Find your nearest community centre

Your local library
Find your nearest library

Your local council
Find your local council office

If you can't pick up a copy from one of the collection points listed above, you can ask the Seniors Card Unit to post a copy by  emailing or phoning 1800 819 961 (freecall).

Suggest a business

If there's a business that you would like to see advertised in the directory, phone the Seniors Card Unit on free call 1800 819 961 or email

All suggestions will be followed up but we can't guarantee that a business will support the Seniors Card program. There are also some businesses that provide a discount to Seniors Card members but don't offer it all year round or choose not to advertise in the directory.

How to advertise your business

Businesses can reach about 390,000 people aged 60 years and over with information about products, services and special discounts available to seniors. Generally, the discount to Seniors Card members should equate to 10% or equivalent added value and a special offer should equate to 20%.

Complete the online form to register your interest in becoming an SA Seniors Card business partner or get more information on how to become a Seniors Card business partner.

New business partners

New businesses offering discounts to Seniors Card members that are not listed in the current edition of Your Lifestyle Guide.

Frequently asked questions

If you have more questions about your Seniors Card see Seniors Card frequently asked questions.

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