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Seniors Card business partners can reach a market of 380,000 members in South Australia and over 4 million members throughout Australia.

Seniors Card members are loyal and love their Seniors Card. 81% of members use their Seniors Card at least once per month and actively seek out offers and businesses that are part of the program. 38% use it every week.

All permanent residents of South Australia aged 60 years or over and who work less than 20 hours per week in paid employment are eligible to apply for the card. The card is not means tested and is issued free of charge.

Seniors Card member profile

  • There are approximately 380,000 Seniors Card members in SA.
  • Because the Seniors Card is not means tested, members are both pensioners and self-funded retirees.
  • Age breakdown
    • 60 to 69 – 35%
    • 70 to 79 – 35%
    • 80 and over – 30%
  • Males (44%), females (56%)

Source: SA Seniors Card database, March 2017

The value of your Seniors Card partnership

Why the seniors market is important to your business

  • There are more Australian seniors than ever. In 2010, 4.2 million Australians were aged 60 and over. This is projected to rise to 5.6 million in 2020 and to over 10 million in 2050.
  • Seniors are the fastest growing consumer market in Australia.
  • Seniors are living longer, and the Baby Boomers are the wealthiest generation in our history.
  • Seniors spend more on travel, entertainment, white goods, new cars, healthcare, furniture, gardening products and food and beverages than any other age group.
  • Seniors like to travel; accounting for over 20% of all domestic tourism expenditure in Australia.
  • Seniors are more likely to frequent local businesses for their shopping and services and less likely to shop online.
  • Seniors reward good customer service with their loyalty.

Getting the best value from your Seniors Card partnership

  • Advertise in the Seniors Card directory every year – many Seniors Card members have had their card since it was introduced and still use it regularly.
  • Ensure that your offer is genuine and easy to understand.
  • Display the 'Seniors Card Welcome Here' window stickers and point of sale material at all outlets – seniors say they feel welcomed and valued by businesses displaying the logo.
  • Include the 'Seniors Card Welcome Here' logo in your marketing.
  • Ensure all staff are aware of the Seniors Card offer and are able to answer any questions.
  • Treat seniors with respect and let them know you value their wisdom and experience.
  • Don't describe older people as 'geriatric', 'aged' or 'elderly'. Use preferred terms like 'seniors' and 'older people'.

How your business can create an age-friendly environment and attract more customers

  • Display the 'Seniors Card Welcome Here' decals at all outlets – seniors say they feel welcomed and valued by businesses displaying the logo.
  • Use large, clear fonts for signage, printed materials and websites and websites.
  • Go the extra mile for the older customer, such as offering a drink of water.
  • Promote discounts and benefits for older people at every opportunity.
  • Provide respectful customer service, in person and over the phone.
  • Consider offering to carry large/heavy purchases to the customer's car.
  • Have an area where customers can sit and rest.
  • Allow customers to use the bathroom.
  • Ensure your business is accessible by providing handrails and ramps and keep aisles clear of obstacles.
  • Have music at a moderate level.

Using the Seniors Card brand

Signage in store or in connection with your brand tells seniors they are welcome and can attract new customers. The main reason Seniors Card members don't use their card is that there is no Seniors Card signage displayed.

Use the 'Seniors Card Welcome Here' logo on your website, brochures and adverts/promotions.

Logos are available in a range of styles.

Download the Seniors Card logo and brand guidelines.

Alternatively, the Seniors Card Unit can provide you with small and large decals for use on cash registers, counters or on shop front windows and doors.

Publications and marketing opportunities

Seniors Card members are highly engaged and waiting for your message. The Seniors Card program offers five marketing channels to advertisers and partners allowing for strong integration and communication options with the membership.

Seniors Card Discount Directory, Your Lifestyle Guide

The Seniors Card Discount Directory, Your Lifestyle Guide is an annual publication produced by the Seniors Card Unit. As part of your partnership, you will receive a listing in the directory.


  • available to approximately 380,000 South Australian Seniors Card members and over 4 million Australian Seniors Card members
  • posted to around 25,000 new members each year (increasing due to Baby Boomers)
  • directory available online for 12 months.

View the latest edition of the directory.

If you are interested in advertising in the 2019 edition, contact the Business Development Manager on 8204 2402 or email


WeekendPlus is a lifestyle focused digital publication emailed fortnightly to over 60,000 Seniors Card members.

The digital magazine features all things lifestyle – health/well-being, events, travel, arts/culture, food/wine, books and sport, with regular themed editions, special offers and competitions.

Our fast growing demographic is interested in leading an active social retirement and love to keep up to date with WeekendPlus.

WeekendPlus has a range of advertising, sponsorship and promotional opportunities available to make your message stand out.

To request a media kit, contact the Business Development Manager on 8204 2402 or email

Direct mail (DM)

Our direct mail campaigns will have maximum saturation for your campaign allowing you to target up to 340,000 members!

To request a media kit, contact the Business Development Manager on 8204 2402 or email

Electronic direct mail (eDM)

66,000 members opted in awaiting your special offer or approved message.

To request a media kit, contact the Business Development Manager on 8204 2402 or email

New Member Pack inserts

Your insert reaches over 6,000 highly engaged members per quarter eagerly awaiting their new or replacement card packs which include a letter of congratulations from the Minister. These inserts are limited and industry exclusive.

To request a media kit, contact the Business Development Manager on 8204 2402 or email

Special offers

Seniors Card provides business partners with a free marketing opportunity to promote a Special Offer to seniors via our website and, where available, in WeekendPlus. Special offers are updated monthly on our website.


Business partners and promoters have an opportunity to further promote their business or event via our hugely successful WeekendPlus competitions, which receive thousands of entries each fortnight.

For more information, including rates, contact the Business Development Manager on 8204 2402 or email


After something more bespoke or ongoing? Then talk to us… we love working with our clients to create unique partnership strategies that align with your marketing objectives.

For more information, contact the Business Development Manager on 8204 2402 or email

Regional businesses

Businesses located in regional areas of South Australia can list their discount/offer in the Seniors Card Discount Directory free of charge, with an entry-level package.

Listings will appear in the regional section of the directory. In addition to a free regional listing, regional businesses may also have a paid listing in the metro section.

Terms and conditions

Apply to be a business partner


Business Development Manager, Seniors Card
Phone: 8204 2402
Fax: 8204 2430

PO Box 196
Rundle Mall SA 5000

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