Change rules in an incorporated association

Association rules can be changed if the membership agrees by a special resolution or by other provisions in the association's registered rules.

Any rule change comes into effect at the time that the alteration is passed by the membership. The alteration must be lodged with Consumer and Business Services (CBS) within one month of the alteration.

1. Complete the form

Complete the Application for registration of alteration to rules (164KB PDF).

2. Lodge with fees

Lodge your application and a payment slip (159KB PDF) with CBS within one month of the alteration and include the fee of $74.50

Late fees apply on top of the normal fee if you lodge after the specified time:

  • less than one month late - $41.00
  • more than one month, but less than three months - $84.00
  • more than three months - $178.00.

Contact CBS Associations and Cooperatives


Phone: 131 882

GPO Box 1719
Adelaide SA 5001

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