Rules in an incorporated association

The association’s rules should be clear and help the association be inclusive, fair and open with its members. The rules must cover the association's:

  • name and purpose
  • powers and responsibilities
  • membership, including:
    • subscriptions
    • resignations
    • removals
    • register of members
  • funds and property management
  • powers, duties and committee appointments 
    • committee structure
    • terms of office of members
    • notice of proposed appointments/elections
    • casual vacancies
    • proceedings
    • barring of members

The rules need to be submitted when you apply to incorporate and a copy kept for the association’s records.

Changing the rules

Association rules can be changed if committee members agree by a special resolution or by a membership vote.

Register a rule change


If the association's rules don't cover a situation, consider:

  • using the principle of the rule (within context) to guide the outcome
  • seeking legal advice – especially if the outcome looks like it favours a member or subgroup over other members
  • changing the rules by special resolution at a committee meeting.

At meetings, members should be able to:

  • speak freely
  • express concerns
  • vote on motions.

Minutes need to be taken at all meetings, signed by the chairperson – in public if possible – and saved as a record of the association’s activities.

Legal action

Disputes can be resolved at a meeting or through mediation with an independent third party. If the problem isn’t solved, legal action can be taken through the Supreme or Magistrates Court.

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