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Incorporated associations have a legal entity separate from their members and usually suit community-based groups as an alternative to other state-based company structures, such as a co-operative.

They are not-for-profit organisations and don't engage in trade or commerce unless approved by the Corporate Affairs Commission, which is administered by Consumer and Business Services (CBS).

A wide range of associations are eligible for incorporation, but they must benefit the community.

How to incorporate (PDF 284 KB) has a comprehensive list of eligible purpose categories on page two.

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To incorporate an association you'll need to upload a copy of:

Before you begin

The name of the association must be the same as shown in the rules.

Application fee:  $228.00

Before you begin

Please read the guidelines on how to incorporate (PDF 284 KB)


Your committee members must have:

  • authorised someone to complete and lodge the application
  • approved the name of the association
  • assigned a public officer
  • approved the association's rules.

The association's name

The name should reflect the nature and purpose of the association. The name can't be:

  • the same as a name reserved or registered under the Corporations Act 2001
  • easily mistaken for another incorporated association
  • the same as a registered business or likely mistaken for one
  • undesirable or offensive to the public
  • suggestive of any connection with government.

List of restricted and undesirable names for associations - Government Gazette

Reserve a name

You may reserve your association's name if you need extra time to collect the evidence needed for the application.

Fee: $161.00

Reserve a name

Changing the name

An alteration to the name of the incorporated association isn't official until it's approved and registered by CBS.

Contact CBS Associations and Cooperatives


Phone: 131 882

GPO Box 1719
Adelaide SA 5001

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