Join a community organisation

There are many reasons why people join a community organisation.

  • To connect with new people and widen your social and professional networks.
  • For the opportunity to develop skills and experience while sharing your abilities and knowledge with others.
  • To strengthen the organisation through your enthusiasm and commitment, and help those involved to achieve their group goals.
  • To get a boost to your own health and sense of wellbeing through being an active member of your community.

There are hundreds of organisations throughout South Australia, involved in a diverse range of activities to suit a wide range of interests.

Search online

Search for a community organisation in Adelaide and country South Australia by visiting:

You can also search for volunteer organisations on the Local Government Association (LGA) website.

Making contact

Once you've narrowed your search and found an organisation that might suit your needs, make contact and ask some questions to ensure that it's the right organisation for you.

Here are some questions to consider.

  • Can you just turn up and contribute without taking on a formal role?
  • Will you have to pay membership fees or other costs?
  • Is the community organisation an informal group, or does it have a legal status?
  • Will taking part conflict with your paid work or studies?
  • Can you take part outside business or school hours?

If you want to take on a more formal role.

  • What roles are available?
  • How much time do you need to have available?
  • Are there any age restrictions?
  • Do you need special training, experience or qualifications?
  • What happens if you decide to leave?

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