Evidence needed to change a birth, death or marriage certificate

CBS will ask for certified copies of evidence to support correction to a certificate. Use these examples of common errors to help you work out what evidence you may need to provide.

CertificateError Examples of evidence needed for a correction
Birth certificate Wrong date of birth A letter from the hospital of birth showing the correct date.
Child's name spelt incorrectly A certified copy of baptism certificate, birth notice, early school records.
Parent's name spelt incorrectly A certified copy of the parent’s birth certificate or passport.
Date or place of parent's marriage is incorrectA certified copy of the parent's marriage certificate
Death certificate Cause of death Causes of death can only be changed by the doctor who signed the original medical certificate, or by the coroner in a coronial case.
Deceased's name spelt incorrectlyA certified copy of the deceased's birth certificate, passport or marriage certificate together with a certified copy of the Will.
Marriage certificateGroom, bride, partner's name spelt incorrectly

Certified copies of the identification documents presented to the marriage celebrant. 

If the marriage did not occur recently, provide certified copies from the time of marriage of the groom, bride or partner's:

  • passports
  • mortgage documents
  • utility bills or
  • bank statements.

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