Births, deaths and marriages

Researching your family history

Births, Deaths and Marriages and State Records SA both hold a large collection of records that may help you research your family history.

Births, Deaths and Marriages

Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) registers specific life events and provides certificates for:

  • birth
  • death
  • marriage
  • change of name
  • adoption.

Some records are also available from Genealogy SA.

More detail has been recorded on certificates over the years. Use the tables below to determine if the certificate you are applying for includes the information you need.

Birth certificates - information included by date

DetailYear of appearance
Date of birth1842
Place of birth1908
Sex1842 to 1907, then since 1980
Mother’s name1842
Mother’s age1908 to 1992
Mother’s date of birth1993
Mother’s residence1908
Mother’s birthplace1908
Mother’s occupation1993
Father’s name1842
Father’s age1908 to 1992
Father’s date of birth1992
Father’s residence1908
Father’s birthplace1908
Father’s occupation1842
Year of parent’s marriage1908 to 1979
Number of previous issue, living and deceased1908
Date and place of parent’s marriage1980
Name and date of birth of previous issue, living and deceased1993

Death certificates - information included by date

DetailYear of appearance
Date of death1842
Place of death1908
Usual residence1842
Cause of death1842
Place of death1842
Length of residence1908
Age at marriage1908
Number of issue, living and deceased1908
Place of burial1948
Marital status1968
Name of spouse1968
Date of birth1990
Parent’s names1993
Name, date of birth of issue, living and deceased1993

Marriage certificates - information included by date

DetailYear of appearance
Date and place of marriage1842
Bride and groom's names1842
Bride and groom’s ages1842
Bride and groom's rank (occupation)1842
Signatures and descriptions1842
Name of clergyman1842
Condition (marital status)1868
Father's names1857
Bride and groom's place of birth1908
Bride and groom's country of birth1908
Mother's names1964

Accessing BDM records

See items under Births, Deaths and Marriages to check who can apply for recent certificates.

Access and privacy restrictions do not apply for:

  • marriage records more than 75 years old
  • birth records more than 100 years old
  • death records more than 30 years old.

State Records

State Records holds records covering almost every facet of state and local government administration in South Australia, offering valuable insight and knowledge about the lives of South Australians. The records which may assist family historians include those relating to schools, hospitals, jails, asylums, immigration and emigration, railways, local government, inquests, deceased estates and employment within government.

Search the State Records catalogue

Services available for Aboriginal family research

State Records provides services to Aboriginal people in the spirit of reconciliation and in recognition of their right to access personal information held in government records. The records can help members of the stolen generations identify and become reunified with members of their families that were separated as a result of past government policies.




8343 6800

In person

Members of the public may access archived records in State Records' research centres, which hold many indexes and search tools to assist with the identification of records. Trained and experienced reference officers are available to help you.

Records of a confidential or sensitive nature may be subject to access restrictions. Please contact State Records for advice on accessing restricted records.

State Records of South Australia
115 Cavan Road 
Gepps Cross


State Records of South Australia
GPO Box 464 
Adelaide SA 5001

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