Water use and information

Household water

SA Water manages water services in South Australia.

Their website has detailed information for households including:

Hot water safety

Hot water scalding can happen when the temperature from a hot water tap is too high.

More information on hot water safety.

Real-time water data

The WaterConnect website has real-time data about water resources in the state:

  • water trade and allocations
  • water levels and quality
  • drillhole and well locations
  • raw data for scientific research purposes
  • technical reports and publications.

River Murray

Levels and flow

Salinity and water quality

Managing salinity in the River Murray requires an ongoing effort by communities, individuals and government. Salinity levels and risks continue to increase despite investment in better irrigation management practices, water delivery systems and salt interception schemes.

Increasing salinity in the River Murray poses a threat to the many users and industries that rely on the water resource because:

  • the River Murray supplies drinking water to most South Australians
  • high levels of salinity in river water damages crops when used for irrigation
  • high salt loads result in long-term damage to floodplains and wetlands
  • high levels of salinity in river water lead to increased maintenance costs for infrastructure and industrial equipment.

Water quality and salinity - Department for Environment and Water


Groundwater Data provides information about wells, across South Australia. The water quality in wells varies and may affect their suitability for domestic or other use.

Farm dams

A farm dam is a structure designed and built to hold and store water for private use.

There are rules and regulations covering the development, construction or modification of a dam. These rules ensure water is shared fairly between water users and the environment.

If you are considering the construction of a dam or making changes to an existing dam you will need to apply for a permit through your local Natural Resources regional office.

Permits and licences

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