Home energy toolkits

Home Energy Toolkits contain tools and information to help you find out how energy is used in your home and what you can do to make savings.

What’s in the toolkit?

The Home Energy Toolkit contains:

Appliance meter

Measures appliance energy use, stand-by power, cost and greenhouse gas emissions.
 Infrared thermometer

Measure the temperature of your hot water and pinpoint hot and cold spots in a room.   
 Spirit thermometer

Measure room and fridge and freezer temperatures.    

Identify which direction your home faces to make the most of free heating from the sun.  

Used to calculate the water flow rate from your showers and taps.  

Information, pictures and diagrams to help you carry out your audit. 

Where to get a toolkit

For the public

The Home Energy Toolkit is available from all metropolitan libraries and most regional libraries in South Australia. Contact your local library to check availability.

Toolkits are not available for sale to individuals.

For libraries

Libraries can purchase a Home Energy Toolkit at a subsidised cost.

If you are from a South Australian public library or TAFE library and are interested in purchasing a Home Energy Toolkit, contact the Energy Advisory Service.

For community organisations and councils

The toolkit is a valuable resource for organisations that help people with practical ways of minimising their energy bills.

Free energy training is available for staff and volunteers who may use the toolkit to help clients.

Community organisations can purchase a home energy toolkit at a subsidised cost, or borrow a toolkit through the Energy Partners Program.

Extra worksheets

If your Home Energy Toolkit has run out of worksheets, you can download a copy of the worksheet (138.7 KB PDF) and print them yourself or contact the Energy Advisory Service for more.

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