Comparing your electricity use

Your electricity bills include graphs or tables to show how you used electricity in your home during the recent billing period compared with past billing periods so you can see if your electricity usage has changed over the last 12 months.

There's also information comparing your electricity use with similar-sized households in your area. The comparisons are only guides and don't take into account households that have solar energy or a swimming pool. The amount of electricity you use depends on a range of factors including:

  • how big your home is
  • the construction materials used to build your home
  • the number of people living there
  • the type and number of appliances
  • when and how appliances are used.

The way the information is presented on a bill may differ between retailers. Contact your retailer directly if you need help understanding the comparison information on your bill.

An example of an AGL electricity bill comparison chart. For the 95 day billing period covered by the bill, the home has a low energy consumption compared to other homes in the area.

The Australian Government’s Energy Made Easy website has a calculator to help you compare your average electricity with similar-sized households in your area. The calculator is only a guide and doesn’t take into account households who have solar energy.

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