Portable butane gas stove safety

Portable butane gas stoves with integrated gas canisters (also known as lunchbox cookers) can pose significant safety risks. These stoves are commonly used for camping and outdoor activities. If the butane gas canister overheats and the shut-off valve fails, the stove is likely to explode and cause injuries. There have been a number of incidents reported across Australia, ranging from scalding to serious burns.

In early 2015, significant testing of a range of portable butane gas stoves with integrated canisters showed that many of them did not fully comply with Australian safety standards. Due to the high failure rate, single-burner and dual-burner gas stoves had their safety compliance certificate cancelled and were removed from display and sale - requiring modification and retesting to be eligible for resale.

If you own a stove that was manufactured prior to 2015, it may not conform with current Australian safety standards. If you own an older stove that does not appear in the table below, consider disposing of it, as it may not be safe to use.

camping stove

Buying a portable butane gas stove with an integrated cylinder

A number of stoves are now being modified and retested to ensure they conform with the relevant safety standards. Any stoves that pass testing will be released for sale under a new certification number.

When buying a new stove, it is important to check the data plate on the stove to ensure the certification number does not appear in the list below. If you can't see the data plate, seek advice from the retailer.

Camping stove label

These images show what a data plate looks like and where to find the approval number. The stove pictured above is not considered safe for sale, as the AGA approval number 6834 appears in the table below.

The stoves listed in the table below have been suspended from sale in Australia. This list was updated on 22 May 2017.

Brand Model number Certification number
Austcrown AD90 5241
Campers Collection, Campmaster, Escape, Falcon, Festive, Fiesta, Freetime, Gas Craft, Grillpro, Kookaburra, Oztrail, Progaz, Roman, Sunshine, The Stove, Topstove, Wild Country CM2100, CM2200, CM2200S, STO990, ST7000, FT2100, FT2200, ST1, ST2 5907
Campers Collection, Campmaster, Escape, Falcon, Festiva, Fiesta, Gas Craft, Grillrite, Oztrail, Progaz, Red Centre, Roman, Rough It, Spinifex, Wild Country CM2250, OZ2160, XX2150, XX2250, XX2250SP, XX2160, XX2160S 6810
Campers Collection, Campmaster, Falcon, Festiva, Fiesta, Freetime, Grillpro, Kookaburra, Oztrail, Progaz, Roman, Sunshine, The Stove, Topstove, Wild Country XX2170, XX2270 6834
Bai Hui, Home Essentials, My Collection, Red Stone BDZ-168, BDZ-163S 7378
Five Star MS-2000 7437
Gasmate Plus MS-2000 7437
Illusion U-Bute Traveller 7633
Excalibur, Gasmaster, Gasmate, Jackeroo, Jumbuck BC1080 7761
Adventureridge, Buy Right, Excalibur, Gasmaster, Gasmate, Jackeroo, Jumbuck, PC1060, KPC1060, MPC1060, PC1065, JPC1065, PC1070, PC1075, PC2070, KPC2070, MPC2070, AR2070, PC2075, BBC2075, PC2080 7920
Campers Collection, Campmaster, Escape, Festiva, Oztrail, Progaz, Red Centre, Spinifex, Mastergrill, Gas Craft, Rough It, Wild Country CM2220, CM2220RW, CM2220SP, FT2220RW, FT2220SP, AN2220, AN2220RW, AN2220SP, WC2220, WC2220RW 8221
Jackeroo PL-121, PL-121-2 GAS4007
Adventureridge 509245 GSCS20063
Companion COMP523 GSCS20063
House Brand 509245 GSCS20063
Kookaburra ST0990 GSCS20063
Primus 2240, 2271, TLB-102L GSCS20063
Red Desert 509230 GSCS20063
Spinifex 7027612, 90024574 GSCS20063
Companion COMP524 GSCS20210
Kookaburra ST0912 GSCS20210
Primus 2282 GSCS20210
Adventureridge ALD41450 SAI-400133

For more information about your right to return your portable butane gas stove to your retailer for a refund, visit Repair, replace, refund on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's website.

As well as the stoves removed from display and sale in South Australia, a number have been officially recalled by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Visit the Product Safety Recalls Australia website for more information.

If you bought a stove online or overseas, it may not conform with current Australian safety standards. Find out more about buying gas appliances online.

Safely using a portable butane gas stove with integrated canister

If you buy a new portable butane gas stove with an integrated cylinder, follow the guidelines below to ensure you use it safely:

  • Make sure the portable butane gas stove is Australian safety certified. If it is not safety certified, consider disposing of it or returning it to the supplier/manufacturer.
  • Always use the stove according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • The stoves are designed to be used for very short periods. Do not operate the stove for longer than the manufacturer recommends.
  • Portable gas stoves should never be used indoors or in confined spaces.
  • Always allow for adequate air flow around the stove.
  • Many stoves are packaged with the trivet upside down. Only use the stove when the trivet is the right way up, with the pot supports facing upwards.
  • Make sure all connections are tight and that there are no gas leaks. Using a soapy water solution, spray the connection point. If bubbles appear, there is a leak. Tighten if necessary and then retest. If bubbles still appear, do not use the stove. Replace the faulty components before using it or speak to a gas appliance professional if you unsure about how to make it safe for use.
  • Never use the stove in a way that causes the canister to overheat – for example, do not use them to heat up heat beads.
  • Do not use pans or pots larger than 200mm (unless specified as safe by the manufacturer) – when the pot is too big, it concentrates the heat down toward the gas canister, which may cause it to overheat and explode.
  • If the portable butane gas stove doesn't seem to be operating or lighting correctly, do not use it. Do not tamper with the appliance or its controls.

Disposing of a portable gas stove with integrated gas cylinder

You can dispose of both stove units and gas canisters safely through an appropriate community waste or recycling centre. Search for a disposal and recycling location near you.

For more information

Contact the Office of the Technical Regulator.

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