Manufacturer's instructions for electrical appliances

A requirement of Australian product safety standards is that all household electrical appliances come with manufacturer’s instructions.

Consumers should carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using electrical appliances, to avoid personal injury and product damage. Misuse of electrical appliances can result in serious electric shock and/or fire and property damage.

What to look for in manufacturer's instructions

Manufacturer’s instructions may include directions such as:

  • Specific safety rules for correct operation and use of the product.
  • Whether a Residual Current Device (RCD), also known as a safety switch, is required to be used or installed in conjunction with the product.
  • Use of personal protection equipment, such as when operating power tools.
  • Whether an appliance is suitable for indoor and/or outdoor use.
  • Not exposing electrical equipment to rain or wet conditions.
  • Operating appliances within specified ambient temperature ranges — for example, charging or storing batteries outside their temperature range, such as in a tool shed, may expose them to excessive temperature.
  • General maintenance, servicing, cleaning, care and storage requirements.
  • Prohibiting unauthorised product modification or using non-compatible products in conjunction with each other — for example, incorrect brand and model of battery used with a specific battery charger.
  • Repairs to damaged or faulty product are only to be carried out by the manufacturer or authorised representatives.

You can also reduce the risk by only buying electrical appliances that have been safety tested and approved for use in Australia.

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