Electrical and gas safety recalls and warnings

New edition of AS/NZS 3000 wiring rules

Standards Australia has become aware of a document circulating on social media purporting to be the new edition of AS/NZS 3000:2018 Electrical Installations (known as the wiring rules). This document is not authorised by Standards Australia.

Electricians are warned not to use the unauthorised document under any circumstances because it is not safe to do so.

For more information visit https://www.standards.org.au/news/unauthorised-version-of-the-wiring-rules-is-not-safe.

An electrical or gas appliance (or its components) can be recalled and removed from sale if it is unsafe or risks injuring someone.

Recalls can be initiated by:

Recalls don't just apply to new products. Many appliances may run well for a number of years before failing, so it is important to be aware of what products have been declared unsafe and recalled.

Current recalls

Product safety recalls Australia lists all unsafe electrical and gas products recalled by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and provides further information about what risk they pose to users.

Swift 500 series caravan gas cookers

Swift Group has issued a voluntary recall notice of Swift 500 series caravan gas cookers. The recall applies to the following models:

  • 502BHSP
  • 502BHFW
  • 502DHSP
  • 502RHSP
  • 502SHFW
  • 502SHW
  • 502WBHSP
  • 503BHSPM
  • 503BHSP
  • 503BHSPMLG
  • 503BHSW
  • 503DHSP
  • 503RHSP
  • 503SHSPM
  • 503SHSW
  • 503BHSPN

The hazards

Several incidents across Western Australia and Queensland have been caused by a failure point within the internal piping at the outlet connection point of the front left control valve of the cookers. This resulted in a gas leak which led to a subsequent explosion and serious injuries to users.

What to do

Owners are further advised:

  • to check if their cooking appliance is a Swift 500 series appliance and any of the models listed above (to identify affected appliances, open the glass lid and check the model number on the data plate that is located on the inside front left side of the lid)
  • that the gas supply to the Swift 500 series appliance should be isolated at the gas isolation valve, adjacent to the appliance, to allow the electrical element and other gas appliances to be used safely
  • if you smell gas, turn off the gas immediately at the cylinders and contact a licensed gas fitter to check the gas system and all gas appliances for safe and correct operation.
  • Consumers with affected appliances can contact Swift Appliance Group by phone on 0412 821 912 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm), via email at swiftrecall@outlook.com or visit the Swift Appliance Group website to register their details.

Further information

Further information can be found in the Product Safety Australia recall notice.

Water heaters in caravans, motor homes, and camper trailers

Coast RV Pty Ltd has issued a voluntary recall notice of seven recreational vehicle water heater models from the Suburban brand. The recall applies to the following models:

  • SW6DEA
  • SW4DEA
  • SW6DECA (Dual Fuel)
  • SW6DA
  • SW4DA
  • SW6PA

Not all of these models are a safety concern, the notice applies to units with serial numbers:

  • 181515075 to 192803626 (some numbers may end with a ‘D’)
  • 8183311827
  • 8190201139.

These serial numbers correspond to models manufactured between April 2018 and July 2019.

If you have one of these models and serial numbers, contact Coast RV on (02) 9645 7685. The appliance must NOT be used until rectified by an authorised Suburban agent or dealership.

Further information can be found in the Safety Alert (334.0 KB PDF) and in the Product Safety Australia recall notice.

Companion butane cartridge stoves

Companion Brands has issued a voluntary recall notice for their Companion single burner (COMP01023) and double burner (COMP01034) butane cartridge stoves.

In some stoves, the gas valve may leak during operation. If the gas valve leaks during operation, there is a risk of explosion or fire, potentially causing injury to consumers or damage to surrounding areas. Consumers should stop using their appliance and return it to Companion Brands or the place of purchase to receive a full refund.

Affected consumers can phone Companion Brands' customer service on 1300 555 197 (Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm), email sales@companionbrands.com.au or read the Product Safety Australia recall notice for further information.

Prohibition of sale and use

The OTR can prohibit the sale or use of a product or particular class of products in South Australia if they are deemed unsafe. Supplying and installing these products is prohibited.

SKL branded cables

Testing has identified that SKL brand thermoplastic sheath (TPS) cables marked 2013 - including sizes from 1mm2 to 16mm2 - do not comply with the ageing and loss of mass tests required by the relevant safety standards. These cables are prone to premature failure and can cause electric shock or fire.

Ecables branded copper clad aluminium RE 110 insulated power cables

Testing has identified a manufacturing defect that means the cable’s insulation is not cross-linked. Therefore, no sizes or configurations of power cable with RE110 insulation - including all SDI sizes 10mm2 to 630mm2 and multicore sizes 6mm2 to 50mm2 - comply with relevant safety standards.

The cable's mechanical properties greatly reduce with increasing temperature. This can allow access to live parts if the cable is subject to pressure such as from cable fixings or the weight of other cables, which can potentially cause personal injury or fire.

Safety warnings

Open flued gas space heaters

The Office of the Technical Regulator has placed a safety alert on four open-flued gas space heaters.
The safety alert applies to the following models:

  • Regency i31
    Supplied by Fireplace Products Australia Pty Ltd
  • Regency F38 and FG38
    Supplied by Fireplace Products Australia Pty Ltd The F38/FG38 was branded and supplied by Masport prior to 2006 (excludes LP units)
  • Nectre 2000 manufactured from 2007
    Supplied by Glen Dimplex Australia Pty Ltd
  • Real Flame Pyrotech manufactured from 2012
    Supplied by Glen Dimplex Australia Pty Ltd

If you have one of these open flued gas space heaters, do not use it until after you have contacted the relevant supplier and had it inspected. The two suppliers are:

  • Fireplace Products Australia
    Email: safety@regency-fire.com.au
    Phone: 1800 860 660
  • Glen Dimplex Australia
    Email: productservice@realflame.com.au
    Phone: 1300 014 389

Not all of these model heaters are a safety concern. It depends on the date they were made or supplied. Fireplace Products Australia or Glen Dimplex Australia will tell you if your heater needs to be checked.

Further information and the answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the Safety alert (66.0 KB PDF).

Inbuilt gas heaters

A safety notice has been issued for Cannon Fitzroy or Canterbury inbuilt gas heaters built between 20 March 2001 and 8 October 2009 under AGA Approval 6118.

Laboratory testing suggests the heaters could produce potentially hazardous levels of carbon monoxide if the heater is subjected to certain conditions. This risk may be increased if the inbuilt heater has not been installed properly, or if it has not been serviced regularly, or if your house is tightly sealed.

The heater's build date and AGA Approval number are on the heater’s rating label, which is located within the lower fan chamber. A licensed gas fitter person can access the fan chamber by removing the lower fascia panel of the heater.

If you think you have one of these heaters, please call Cannon on 1800 035 410 to arrange for it to be checked at Cannon’s expense. You should not use your heater until it has been checked.

High voltage combined fuse-switches

Following a fatal incident in Western Australia, the Office of the Technical Regulator is warning all electrical contractors and owners of electrical infrastructure to take reasonable safe-work precautions when working on any high-voltage, oil-insulated, combined fuse-switches, or any exposed high-voltage parts.

It is very important that all electricity supplies are isolated to keep anyone working on or near the equipment safe.

EnergySafety Western Australia reported the deaths of two electricians after an 11kV oil-insulated Long and Crawford combined fuse-switch exploded due to a high current fault occurring in the unit's tank. Most of the insulating oil in the tank evaporated immediately. While the investigation is not complete, it appears there was a short-circuit fault in the switch tank following the rupture and disintegration of a high-voltage fuse within the unit.

EnergySafe has placed a ban on performing work on any of these units until all electrical supplies have been isolated. Visit the EnergySafety website for more details about the safety order.

Passive infrared (PIR) sensor

Energy Safety Victoria has published a safety alert in relation to PIR sensors, which are commonly installed in commercial and industrial premises.

On some models, when the cover is removed to adjust the sensor settings, a sensor module that is live is exposed and accessible to touch:

3 views of a PIR sensor. The left view shows the sensor as it would be seen when installed. The centre view shows the rear of the sensor with the internals exposed. The right view shows the rear of the sensor with the covers installed. The centre and right images have red circles to denote the exposed live parts.

Maintenance and adjustments to the settings must be carried out with the power isolated, and by licensed electrical contractors only.

Further information from Energy Safety Victoria.

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