Buying gas appliances

Each year, many household accidents are caused by faulty gas appliances, misusing gas appliances and incorrect gas installations.

Buying appliances that have been safety tested and certified for use in Australia, and regularly maintaining them reduces the risk of this happening to you. If any damage is caused to your property by a non-certified gas appliance, your insurance company may not cover you.

Gas safety testing and certification

In South Australia, it is illegal to sell, hire out or install gas appliances that are not certified by a recognised Australian organisation.

There are legal safety requirements for gas appliances and components used in Australia, so they must be tested and certified as safe to use by a recognised Australian organisation.

Recognised Australian certification organisations

Each organisation below maintains an online database of certification numbers. Compare the certification number on the compliance plate or sticker of your appliance with the online database to ensure the appliance is certified as safe for use.

These organisations undertake safety testing and certification:

Gas certification labels and markings – what to look for

Example labels, including four Australian Gas Association maker's warranty labels, SAI Global label, IAMPO label, Vipac label and Global Mark label

Hoses and regulators must also have safety certification from one of the recognised Australian certification organisations. The details will be printed on the hose. Make sure the whole appliance is certified rather than just having certified components.

Image of a gas regulator and hose showing the certification details printed on the hose

Buying appliances online or using appliances from overseas

It is difficult to ensure the safety certification of gas appliances when buying online, even if you’re buying from an Australian seller. Before buying a gas appliance, ask the seller for information about safety certification. Always purchase from a reputable supplier so you can seek further assistance if you have any problems with the appliance.

Buying or using gas appliances from overseas is not recommended, even if the appliance is certified by an overseas organisation, as they may not be safe for use in Australian conditions. Gas appliances used in Australia must be tested and certified by a recognised Australian organisation because:

  • the quality of the natural gas found in Australian may differ from gas used in other countries
  • climate and building materials are different in Australia, so untested appliances may not operate efficiently, may leak gas, and could ignite or explode.

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