Your recycling efforts at home can help improve and sustain our environment and contribute to making  your community safe and clean. Use the information on this page to manage your waste and recycle efficiently.

Household rubbish collection

Using the right bin means you are disposing of the different types of household rubbish thoughtfully and efficiently.

Simply enter your suburb and the name of an item to find out which bin it should go in.

Find out which bin is the right bin

Refunds for drink containers

There is a 10 cent deposit and refund on most drink bottles and containers in South Australia. Make sure you check the label to see if the deposit and refund apply.

10 cent deposits

Containers less than one litre that have a 10 cent deposit are:

  • flavoured milk
  • fruit juice
  • wine in non-glass containers (eligible size varies depending on the container).

Containers up to and including three litres that have a 10 cent deposit are:

  • water – plain, still or carbonated
  • soft drinks – carbonated and non-carbonated
  • alcoholic cider
  • beers, ales, stouts
  • flavoured alcoholic beverages with a wine or spirit base (RTDs).

Full list of containers you can recycle for a refund – Environment Protection Authority.

Drink containers with no refund

  • plain milk containers
  • glass wine and spirit bottles
  • fruit juice one litre or more
  • flavoured milk one litre or more.

Recycling in your area

Find your nearest recycling and collection depot – Environment Protection Authority

Check with your local council for local recycling initiatives and services.

REDcycle collects soft plastic items that council recycling programs don't handle.

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