Container deposit scheme

South Australia's container deposit scheme was introduced in 1977 and has been very effective for reducing litter, increasing resource recovery and reducing waste going to landfill.

There is a 10 cent deposit and refund on most beverage containers in South Australia, check the label to see if the deposit and refund apply.

It is illegal to return beverage containers sold outside of South Australia for a refund.

Drink containers in the scheme

Beverages containers of less than one litre that have a 10 cent deposit are:

  • flavoured milk
  • fruit juice.

Beverage containers up to and including three litres that have a 10 cent deposit are:

  • water - plain, still or carbonated
  • carbonated soft drinks
  • non-carbonated soft drinks including:
    • vitamin drinks
    • sport drinks
    • iced teas
  • alcoholic cider
  • beers/ales/stouts
  • flavoured alcoholic beverages with a wine or spirit base (RTDs).

Exempt drink containers

  • Plain milk containers of any size
  • glass wine and spirit bottles
  • fruit juice one litre or more
  • flavoured milk one litre or more.

Full list of containers included in the scheme - Environment Protection Authority

Collection depots

Find your nearest collection depot - Environmental Protection Authority

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