Time of Use tariffs

Different electricity prices for usage at different times of the day are called ‘time of use’ (ToU) tariffs. These are different from:

  • flat-rate tariffs - charged the same rate all day
  • controlled load tariffs - only available for certain appliances.

You will need to have a smart meter or an interval meter to measure electricity this way.

You could benefit from ToU pricing if you:

  • are home during the day
  • can use energy or set timers on home appliances such as air conditioners or dishwashers to operate during cheaper tariff periods
  • have an energy storage device that can store solar power for use during higher tariff periods.

Types of ToU tariffs

Moving to ToU network and retail tariffs

SA Power Networks are moving customers with smart meters to ToU network tariffs automatically from 1 July 2021. This will take time and the transition for those customers is expected to be completed by 1 January 2022. If you belong to this customer group, SA Power Networks can begin charging your retailer according to their ToU network structure as soon as you have been moved.

Contact your retailer to find out their plans for your retail offer once you have been moved by SA Power Networks to ToU network tariffs. Individual retailers will decide if, and when their customers will be transferred to a ToU retail tariff offer.

Your retailer could:

  • continue to charge you using a single, flat rate offer
  • transition you to a ToU retail offer.

Visit Time of use tariffs on the Energy and Mining website for more information about:

  • the need for change
  • cost reflective pricing rules
  • how these changes are being introduced.

Who is affected

People currently using older accumulation meters are not be affected by the change until their meter is upgraded.

If you had a smart (interval) meter installed after July 2020 you could already be on a ToU network tariff and retail tariff.

Others who have a smart (interval) meter or are soon to receive one will be moved to a ToU network tariff structure during the transition period.

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