Free energy training and education

Training, talks and presentations

The Energy Partners Program offers free training to staff and volunteers to help organisations support their clients.

Training, talks and presentations can be structured to suit your needs, whether it’s a 10 minute overview in a scheduled staff meeting, or multiple short training sessions delivered over a number of weeks. Training can also be developed for partners to deliver. Topics can include:

  • an overview of electricity and gas for consumers
  • how you can help your clients with energy issues by directing them to services that can support them
  • how to make energy bills more manageable
  • assistance for people who have difficulty paying their energy bills
  • how to improve home energy efficiency and reduce energy use
  • how to use the Home Energy Toolkit.

Contact the Energy Partners Program for more information.

ConnectEd energy education

A group of community organisations deliver energy education under the name ‘ConnectEd’. Community education sessions provide valuable tools to help households to understand and better manage their energy and water usage. You’ll find ConnectEd at open days, fairs and community events. Utilities literacy training is also provided to community workers and volunteers. Training is available in metropolitan and regional South Australia. The course covers a range of topics including:

  • electricity, gas and water in South Australia
  • reading and understanding meters and bills
  • using energy and water efficiently at home
  • how to choose an energy retailer and get a good deal
  • concessions, complaints, disputes and hardship
  • how to share these skills in your community.

Visit the ConnectEd website for further information.

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