All gas appliances must be certified before they can be sold or installed in South Australia.

If you are purchasing a gas appliance and want to know if the product is certified, see Buying a gas appliance.

Appliance classification

Gas appliances are typically known in the industry as type A or type B:

  • Type A gas appliances are mainly domestic and light commercial appliances which are mass-produced. They are defined in AS/NZS 5601 as an appliance that a certification scheme exists for.
  • Type B gas appliances are defined in AS/NZS 5601 as appliances with a gas consumption in excess of 10 MJ/hour for which a certification scheme doesn't exist.

Type A appliances, when used in industrial or commercial applications for which they were not intended, are considered to be part of a type B appliance.

Certification of type A appliances

All type A gas appliances must be certified and appropriately labelled before they can be sold and installed in South Australia.

Certification and labelling can be obtained through one of the following South Australian-recognised certifying bodies:

Appliance testing is carried out by agent laboratories that have been accredited by a Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) affiliated body, for example, the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). There are appliance-specific standards and codes that describe the methods of testing and acceptable outcomes for a wide range of gas products. The criteria that appliances are tested against include:

  • safety
  • combustion
  • efficiency
  • durability
  • serviceability.

If your type A appliance has not been certified by one of the above recognised certifying bodies, please contact the Office of the Technical Regulator.

Certification of type B appliances

Type B appliances must be tested on-site and meet the requirements of:

as required under the Gas Act 1997 and the Gas Regulations 2012.

The certification testing of type B gas appliances can be carried out by the following South Australian recognised certifying bodies:

These two private certifiers have been appointed as Authorised Officers for type B approval purposes under the Gas Act 1997.

The South Australian Technical Regulator receives copies of all type B approval certificates and will:

  • act as an arbitrator in disputes
  • conduct independent audits of type B certifications and installations.

Certification of gas appliance components

Components used in gas installations and in the manufacture of gas appliances must also be certified by an approved certifying body. The components can be certified individually against the requirements of the relevant standard or included in the certification of the overall appliance.

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