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Plumbing certificates of compliance are legal documents that protect both plumbers and customers. They:

Electronic certificates of compliance (eCoCs) may be used in place of paper certificates of compliance, which will be discontinued on 30 June 2018. Electronic certificates of compliance can be emailed to customers, or printed and mailed.

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When are certificates of compliance needed?

Plumbers must provide a certificate of compliance to the customer and the Office of the Technical Regulator (OTR) within seven days of finishing plumbing work, except for:

  • changing tap washers
  • clearing blocked sanitary drainage pipework not exceeding 50 mm in diameter
  • replacing, altering, repairing, maintaining or disconnecting domestic tapware.

If the plumber has installed or altered in-ground sanitary drainage pipework, they must also give the customer and the OTR an ‘as-constructed drainage plan’ showing the positions and dimensions of pipework, fittings and equipment that make up the sanitary drainage system, within seven days of finishing the work.

Plumber’s responsibilities

By law:

  • only people licensed or registered to work as plumbers can perform plumbing work
  • only people with an appropriate licence can legally fill in and submit a plumbing certificate of compliance
  • plumbers must give certificates of compliance to customers that detail the plumbing work done at a property.

Penalties for not supplying a plumbing certificate of compliance include warnings, disciplinary interviews, and potential legal action, which is detailed in the Water Industry Act 2012.

Customer responsibilities

By law, property owners must keep plumbing and equipment on their property (up to the water meter or sewer connection point) in good condition and make sure it complies with the relevant technical or safety requirements.

Owners should keep certificates of compliance, as they can be relied upon for ensuring the work performed by a plumber meets the requirements of the Water Industry Act 2012.

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