Booking plumbing and drainage audits

Licensed plumbers in South Australia can book plumbing and drainage audits.

Book a plumbing inspection

Book online using the Plumbbooking tab on eCoC or by calling the Office of the Technical Regulator (OTR) on 1300 884 055 between 8.30 am and 3.00 pm.

Bookings can be made up to the working day before the day the audit is required.

For example, book by 3.00 pm Monday for an audit on Tuesday.

What you'll need

When making an online booking, you will need:

  • eCoC number
  • site contact name
  • contact mobile number
  • owner/builder name
  • site address
  • requested date of the audit
  • requested time
  • type of work to be audited.

Quickstart guide - MyPlumbbookings (124.2 KB PDF) provides step-by-step instructions for making a booking.

What happens next

You will receive a booking reference number on your MyPlumbbookings dashboard in eCoC when you complete your booking.

OTR attendance will be advised through the 'MyPlumbbooking' tab in your eCoC portal.

When you'll be notified on MyPlumbbooking

After 6.00 pm on the day prior to the audit for these audit types:

  • sanitary drainage
  • fire services (in-ground)
  • trade waste
  • final audits (including residential)
  • relining sanitary drainage
  • greywater systems.

All commercial plumbing installations within the CBD

1 hour before the nominated inspection time for these audit types:

  • above ground sanitary plumbing
  • non-drinking water:
    • in-ground
    • in-wall
    • parks/recreational
  • drinking water:
    • parks/recreational
  • underfloor plumbing
  • vacuum drainage.

If you can't access MyPlumbbooking

If you are unable to access MyPlumbbooking through the eCoC portal, the plumber must not backfill or cover up the installation until 20 minutes after the nominated Plumbbooking time - eg a 1.00 pm booking must not be backfilled until 1.20 pm.

Final audits

The OTR conducts final audits of on-site plumbing installations to ensure compliance with the National Construction Code Volume 3 (Plumbing Code of Australia).

Plumbing contractors must book a final audit for the following plumbing installations:

  • commercial/industrial
  • incorporate a performance solution
  • incorporate a greywater system.

If the plumbing installation is selected for a final audit, the plumbing contractor or their representative must be present on-site and have all associated documentation available.

Final audit bookings for residential properties are not required. The OTR will contact plumbing contractors as required for a sample of work for final auditing.

All documentation associated with the plumbing installations (including certificates of compliance and sanitary as-constructed drawings) must be submitted to the OTR within seven days of completing the work.

What final audits include

Final plumbing and equipment audits may include:

  • overall compliance with the relevant sections of the Plumbing Code of Australia
  • flood gullies
  • backflow prevention (where required)
  • heated water services (including temperature control devices and energy efficiency requirements)
  • venting
  • non-drinking water installations (including signage, cross-connection and separation test, identification, loop and valves installed in the correct locations where required)
  • inspection openings
  • water industry entity water meters and sewer connection points
  • Watermark and WELS certified products.

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