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Hydraulic design submissions

Hydraulic designs for plumbing and drainage pipework and equipment must be lodged with the Office of the Technical Regulator (OTR) for:

  • all building developments within the Adelaide CBD
  • commercial and industrial developments, including extensions
  • residential developments of three or more floor levels (schematic plumbing designs are also required for developments of four or more levels)
  • housing developments of three or more dwellings
  • any building that includes an alternative performance based plumbing design
  • recreational and commercial/industrial sites
  • residential sites (other than Class 1A) where non-drinking water is provided.

If you are unsure if you need to submit a building plan application, contact the OTR for more information.


No charges apply for submitting hydraulic design plans to the OTR.

How to apply

  1. Download and fill out the Hydraulic design submission form (46.8 KB PDF)
  2. Complete the required details and attach the relevant plans and additional information
  3. Send the information to (attachments must be smaller than 10 MB)
    or post to Office of the Technical Regulator – Plumbing, GPO Box 320, Adelaide SA 5001.
    Hard copy plans larger than A3 in size must be accompanied by a digital copy.

Who else should be notified?

You may also need to notify:

  • SA Water, if a new sewer or water connection is involved or you are proposing to build over an SA Water asset or easement
  • local water entity, if not SA Water
  • SA Health
  • local council.

Please contact SA Water or the local council directly for more information.

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