Backflow prevention devices and testing requirements

A backflow prevention device prevents the reverse water flow from a potentially polluted source into the drinking water supply system. Backflow prevention devices must be installed on properties in compliance with AS/NZS 3500.1, the national plumbing standard.

Backflow prevention devices are available in three hazard ratings: high, medium and low.

Due to the nature of the hazard, high and medium hazard devices must be testable. Testable backflow prevention devices and registered break tanks, must be commissioned and tested annually by a licensed plumber with backflow accreditation.

In compliance with clause 2.2 of AS 2845.3, the Office of the Technical Regulator specifies the test report format required in South Australia. The Commission, inspection and maintenance report is the only form that will be accepted (if completing the form electronically and emailing it back to the Office of the Technical Regulator, save it to your computer before filling in the fields, then save it again before you email it otherwise the data may not be retained).

A completed report and a certificate of compliance (if applicable) must be sent to the Office of the Technical Regulator by the plumber within seven days of completing the work. When completing the report, plumbers must ensure that:

  • all fields are mandatory fields and should be completed before submission
  • the licence number quoted is a Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Electricians (PGE) number, not a Building (BLD) licence number.

If mandatory information is not included in the report, it will be returned to the plumber as incomplete and the plumber will be required to return a completed report to the Office of the Technical Regulator within seven days.

Test gauge kit for backflow prevention

The test kits used for testing backflow prevention valves are precision instruments and need to be treated with appropriate care. They need to be calibrated and certified every 12 months in compliance with AS 2845.3. The Office of the Technical Regulator will audit test kits for current calibration/certification where required.

New metered water connections

For specific connection requirements for new metered water connections, contact SA Water.

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