Compliance and enforcement

Electronic certificates of compliance

The Office of the Technical Regulator (OTR) is transitioning from the current paper-based process for electrical, gas and plumbing certificates of compliance to an automated electronic system called eCoC.

The eCoC system is free for electrical, gas and plumbing contractors and workers, and enables them to complete, submit, store and refer to certificates of compliance online.

Contractors and workers can access the eCoC system via the internet from desktop and mobile devices.

Electrical, gas and plumbing contractors and workers need to complete a one-time registration to use the eCoC system. Contractors/workers need to provide professional registration/licence number and expiry date, email address, a password and contractor/worker details. Once successfully registered, contractors/workers can log in using only a licence number and password.

Access eCoC

Filling in and submitting eCoCs

Each new job in the eCoC system is given a unique number. The system saves progress on each certificate of compliance, meaning contractors and workers don’t have to fill in the certificate all at once.

Users can upload images and supporting documents to the eCoC system to submit at the same time as their certificate of compliance.

If a contractor or worker notes non-compliant or potentially dangerous installations at a worksite, they can record these in the system. For immediate assistance, call:

  • Electrical and gas – 1800 558 811
  • Power outages and electric shocks – 131 366 (SA Power Networks)
  • Gas escapes or emergencies – 1800 427 532 (National Response Centre)
  • Mains water/sewerage network – 1300 729 283 (SA Water)

Certificates of compliance in the eCoC system are editable until they are submitted. Once the certificate is submitted, it can be emailed and/or printed but can’t be changed. If errors are made, a replacement certificate of compliance will need to be created.

Certificates of compliance must be submitted within certain timeframes:

  • Plumbing certificates of compliance must be submitted within seven days of completing the job.
  • Gas certificates of compliance must be submitted within 30 days of completing the job.
  • Electrical certificates of compliance must be submitted before energising the installation, or as soon as practicable.

If contractors need their workers to complete and/or submit eCoCs, the workers can be added to the contractor's profile on the eCoC system.

Contractors can also nominate other individuals as 'duly authorised agents', who can complete the contractor's section of the eCoC on their behalf.

The eCoC system will store a full record of all certificates of compliance completed by workers and contractors so they can be easily accessed and referred to in the future.

System security

There are numerous steps in the system to protect registration and customer details, including CAPTCHA verification.

Public access to the eCoC system

Members of the public cannot directly access the system, though will be able to receive electronic certificates of compliance from their licensed tradesperson via email from the eCoC system.

If a customer doesn’t have email access, certificates of compliance can be printed by the contractor from the eCoC system and posted.

New property owners can request copies of previously issued certificates of compliance from previous owners, or from the OTR through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Training and support

Read the step-by-step instructions (679.8 KB PDF) for registering on the system.

If you need more assistance, please email us.

Training videos and downloads

Watch the demonstration videos to see a user work their way through different parts of eCoC. There is no audio with these videos. To view full-screen, click through to YouTube.

Registering on the eCoC system

Creating an electrical eCoC

Fact sheet: creating an electrical eCoC (559.9 KB PDF)

Creating a gas eCoC

Fact sheet: creating a gas eCoC (592.6 KB PDF)

Creating a plumbing eCoC

Fact sheet: creating a plumbing eCoC (632.7 KB PDF).

Legislation updates

The Electricity (General) Regulations and Gas Regulations have been updated to include an electronic process for creating and submitting certificates of compliance. Similarly, the Plumbing Certificate of Compliance scheme under section 69(2) of the Water Industry Act has also been updated to accommodate electronic certificates of compliance.

Phasing out paper-based certificates of compliance

Paper forms will be phased out over an 18 month period, which began on 1 January 2017.

From 1 July 2018, only electronic certificates of compliance can be used.

eCoC project email updates

For more information

Please email any queries to

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