Bushfire - advice and alert system

The Country Fire Service (CFS) issues warnings for bushfire that threaten lives and property.

The CFS has a three-stage warning system for bushfires. Warnings will be issued after the fire has been reported, according to the speed, size and the level of threat it presents to the community. Warnings may not be issued sequentially, as listed below.

Emergency warning

Issued when a bushfire is burning out of control under very high to catastrophic weather conditions. It indicates:

Watch and act

Issued when there is a potential threat to public safety in the immediate area of a bushfire to tell you:

  • a fire is approaching you
  • conditions are changing
  • you need to take action now to protect your life and your family.

Advice message

This is general information to keep you up to date with developments. It advises you:

  • a fire has started
  • there is no immediate danger.

The CFS will issue Watch and Act and Emergency Warning Messages through a number of communication channels including local ABC AM and FIVEaa radio stations.

These messages will include:

  • the location of the fire
  • where it is expected to move next
  • the risks to people in the area
  • what you are advised to do about those risks
  • where you can find additional information.

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