Advice and warning system

South Australia's warnings framework is aligned to the National Bushfire Scaled Advice and Warnings system, which encompasses:

  • Advice (colour yellow) - messages to keep people informed and up to date with developments.
  • Watch and Act (colour orange) - messages support the need for people to be aware of their situation and the circumstances around them and to take action to prepare and protect themselves, their family and neighbours.
  • Emergency Warning (colour red) - warning when there is the highest level of risk to life and property.

Warning information can also be accompanied by a Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS) or by Emergency Alert voice and text messages. warning.

Emergency Alert is the national telephone and text-based warning system used by emergency services. This system sends voice messages to landline telephones and text messages to mobile phones within a defined area for likely or actual emergencies.

The Emergency Alert service is available across all telephone networks.

You do not need to register for Emergency Alert.

Remember that power failures will prevent cordless phones from working and disasters may damage telephone infrastructure in your area or prevent mobile reception. The emergency might be happening too fast to get a warning out.

Learn more about the Emergency Alert system at

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